ASP Max Power Gel Ball Gel Ball Blaster Power Arm Glove Gun

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MSRP 40.00
Polymer body
Can be fired with just a movement of your finger
Water gel BBs are safe for indoor use and fire at a low velocity
15 meter maximum range
Reservoir holds additional gel BBs
2-in-1 pistols and rifles are dual-ammo weapons that use water gel BBs or foam darts, making them great for both outdoor and indoor use. Water gel BB bullets are cheap and easy to resupply and make a satisfying sound when they hit their target. Foam darts are tried and true implements of fake destruction, and also easily resupplied. 2-in-1 water bullet guns are a great way to have fun around the house, in your backyard
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Package Includes: Gun, Fill bottle, Gel BBs, safety glasses, battery and charger and usb charger. This model does not include the phone holder.

Manufacturer: ASP / YK (US Distribution: Matrix)

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